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The Ten Necessary Elements to A Long Healthy Life Most Don’t Know About

What do you need to focus on to live a long, healthy life?

This is an important question – for many, THE most important question.

Because YOU without your health – and the time to enjoy that good health – would be like having a brand new Ferrari without any tires.

It wouldn’t do you much good.

Even the most fulfilling life won’t be the same if your health suffers.

Or worse, you’re dead.

Even in a world where it doesn’t seem like we agree on anything, wanting to live a long, healthy life is a goal most share.

But you probably have conditions about living a long time.

You don’t want just to exist –  living in a nursing home or being a burden on your family – and not be able to take care of yourself.

You want to be strong, independent, healthy, and energetic.

You want to be with the people you love and do the things that make life great.

But here’s the big problem:  

How do you do that?

It’s not that there aren’t enough opinions. It seems like everyone has an opinion. To make the point, when I just Googled “how to live a long life,” I got 7.5 billion results.

In other words, about one result for every person on earth.

So, who do you listen to?

·       Should you be eating low carb? Or low fat?

·       How much protein?

·       Should you be fasting?

·       What about salt? Alcohol?

·       HIIT? Yoga? Crossfit?

·       Meditation?

·       Which of the over 50,000 supplements should you take?

·       What about Rapamycin? Metformin?

The number of choices is overwhelming.

And what many do is jump from idea to idea. Try this one for a while, then hear about something new and try that.

And how has that worked out for us? Well, let’s take a look:

·       Sixty percent of adults have at least one chronic illness, like high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, heart disease, among others.

·       Seventy percent of us are overweight.

·       Diseases like Afib, diabetes, fatty liver, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer’s dementia are skyrocketing.

·       Life expectancy has decreased every year since 2014.

The hard cold truth is we are sicker now than at any other time in the history of the world.

Not despite having 7 billion choices, but BECAUSE we have 7 billion choices.

If you’ve felt overwhelmed by all the information and advice on how to live a long, healthy life, I understand. I felt the same way ten-plus years ago when I became interested in my patient’s longevity and mine.

As a physician, I knew a lot of what was being promoted for longevity was bogus. Either there was no evidence – or more likely, the evidence was weak. (Here’s a tip – proving what increases the life of a mouse may be great for mice, but the list of things that worked in mice that didn’t work in humans would make War and Peace look like a tweet.)

But when I reviewed the best science, I realized of all the things you could do to live a long, healthy life – doing only ten things would give you the best chance at 100 great years.

We call these TEN things, the Healthspan10

Unlike all the other one-size-fits all, bogus claims you hear, the Healthspan10 can serve as YOUR roadmap to a long, healthy life you love by helping you prioritize and focus on what’s ESSENTIAL.

Research has shown that optimizing the Healthspan10 can:

·       Decrease heart attacks by 80%

·       Decrease stroke by 50%

·       Decrease dementia by 37%

·       Decrease cancer by 33%

And add 15 years or more to your life.

If you’re looking for a clear path to a long, healthy life, here are the ten necessary things to focus on:

1.The right nutrition FOR YOU.

o   The most important factor in your roadmap to living a long, healthy life. Challenging because we are all different. Few get this right –they are focusing on calories or the latest diet craze – and the result is food becomes the enemy. But when you learn the specific foods, how much, and when to eat that fits your chemistry – you realize how easy it is to love food again – and get younger.

2.Being physically active.

o   No other factor has so much power to impact the length – and quality – of your life. For many, exercise is a burden – a mandatory way to burn calories – it doesn’t feel good and is hard to stick to. But when you learn that physical activity is the most powerful way to activate your metabolism – and lower inflammation – it becomes your fountain of youth. You won’t ever want to live without it.


o   Avoiding toxins doesn’t just mean tobacco and excess alcohol. Other toxins, such as highly processed foods, some prescription medications, and even toxic life situations, are the barriers that are holding back many people

4.Blood pressure

o   There are 1,100 deaths per day (about three fully-loaded 747s) due to high blood pressure in the US alone. Almost half of all adults have high blood pressure. And less than half of them have it controlled.

5.Blood sugar

o   There’s been a 750% increase in diabetes in the last 50 years. About 1 in 4 people now have pre-diabetes.


o   About 40% of adults have unhealthy cholesterol levels.

7.Unhealthy weight

o   More than 70% of adults are overweight.

These seven factors have been extensively studied – and are called Life’s Simple 7 by the American Heart Association – but as a physician, I’ve realized three other, evidence-based,  elements are essential to living a long, healthy life.


o   Underrecognized, yet critically important. Getting restorative sleep is essential to avoiding the diseases that kill us.


o   Few realize that managing stress is one of the foundations of fixing your metabolism.

10. Social connection

o   Loneliness is on the rise, and the impact on the success – or the failure – of getting younger can be dramatic.

This is the Healthspan10 – the ten necessary elements of a long, healthy life.

Optimize these ten elements  – and get the amazing benefits:

·       Decrease heart attacks by 80%

·       Decrease stroke by 50%

·       Decrease dementia by 37%

·       Decrease cancer by 33%

·       Add 15 years or more to life

Don’t, and you’re likely going to face a high risk of chronic disease – and a shortened life.

Just ten things.

If you think you may need expert guidance – a precision approach to getting your Healthspan 10 optimized, here’s how I can help – Schedule a strategy consultation(opens in a new tab) with us today.

In this strategy consultation(opens in a new tab), we will speak with you personally about what is holding you back – how you can start applying the Healthspan 10 to your health – and show you how you can get healthier, slim down, and live longer – today.

And the cost of this valuable strategy session– absolutely free. No risk. 

If you’re ready to book your strategy consultation, click here(opens in a new tab).

And until then…

Lead the best life

- Robert Todd Hurst, MD, FACC, FASE

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