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Healthcare the Way It’s Supposed to Be

It's no secret the traditional “medicate-and-operate" approach dominating healthcare has contributed to skyrocketing poor health nationwide. Could the solution to a longer, healthier life be as simple as shifting the focus from retroactive to proactive care?

Science says yes, and so does our founder, cardiologist Dr. Robert Todd Hurst. Having spent two decades at Mayo Clinic, he learned firsthand that prescriptions and procedures will only go so far in the long term. In response, he launched HealthspanMD Cardiology as Phoenix’s leading comprehensive, connected heart health clinic. 

“Early in my training, I wanted to be an interventional cardiologist because I enjoyed the immediate gratification of ‘fixing’ artery blockages. But that all changed when I learned 90% of heart disease was preventable, and controlling risk factors could give my patients up to 12 additional, healthy years of life. This meant most of the suffering I saw each day could be avoided, which forever transformed my life and career.” -Dr. Hurst

Meet Dr. Hurst

Dr Robert Todd Hurst


Dr. Hurst initially created a heart health program at Mayo Clinic in which patients not only saw him, but also a dietitian and an exercise physiologist, every visit. Patients loved the approach — but instead of focusing on mitigating key risk factors, the program was still heavily reliant on medications, tests and procedures. 


It soon became clear to Dr. Hurst that patients knew what they needed to do to get healthier, but they weren’t quite sure how to do it. Even the most detailed brochure wasn't enough; they needed a dedicated team of experts to encourage small steps every day that led to measurable progress over time.


Knowing medical treatment was only a small part of a patient’s full health picture, Dr. Hurst believed there had to be a better way. So, he created one himself. With a unique focus on proactive heart health and patient-provider connection, he made it his mission to help people reach their wellness and weight loss goals sooner.

HealthspanMD™ Cardiology: The Result of Dr. Hurst’s Commitment to His Patients & Practice

Dedicated to ensuring our patients don’t become another statistic, we hone in on heart health to create real and lasting results. We also know that while many chronic conditions are preventable through a healthy lifestyle, the definition of a “healthy lifestyle” is different for everyone. Dr. Hurst challenges the one-size-fits-all approach to cardiology by addressing a wider range of risks on a more personal level.

Most importantly, our patients never have to guess their next steps throughout the wellness journey.
HealthspanMD Care Coordinators provide personalized plans aimed to reverse health issues — rather than one-and-done visits that may or may not treat those issues after they become more severe.

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Dr. Sylvia Mamby, MD

Meet Our Team

Dr. Sylvia Mamby, MD is a board-certified cardiologist who spent 30 years working at Mayo Clinic-Arizona. Dr. Mamby graduated from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and completed an internal medicine residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and cardiology fellowship at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

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The HealthspanMD Cardiology Method

We believe every patient should have access to an ongoing connection with their healthcare team that’s not only focused on delivering the best, personalized treatment, but also expert guidance on how to get (and stay) healthy.  

Our Phoenix cardiology team has helped thousands of patients reach their health, weight and longevity goals  – through innovative programs delivering comprehensive, connected care. We accept Medicare!

Specializing in comprehensive, connected cardiology with a focus on preventing, treating and even reversing heart disease, extensive studies show our proven, three-step process can:

  • Reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart failure by over 90%
  • Reduce your risk of cancer by 50%
  • Reduce your risk of dementia by 40%
  • Add 12-14 healthy years to your life

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To meet those goals, we’ve developed a method that combines one-on-one, personalized care with data-based planning to help you get on track and stay on track with your overall health. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: The “Who”


Meet with your cardiologist for a comprehensive evaluation to assess your risks and get a clear understanding of any factors that could be impacting your long-term wellness. 


Your first one-on-one consultation with your cardiologist will assess:

  • Your health, weight, and longevity goals
  • Habits and choices impacting those goals
  • Your risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, dementia, diabetes, metabolic disease and a shortened lifespan
  • Current medications and supplements
  • Medical and family history
  • Laboratory, imaging and other medical testing including body composition and fitness data

Step 2: The “What”


Your cardiologist will put together your HealthspanMD Action Plan, which will solidify and strategize the best ways to achieve your goals. 


Your personalized HealthspanMD Action Plan will include:

  • A personalized, comprehensive approach to optimizing blood pressure, weight (body composition), blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • A detailed plan on how nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, avoiding toxins and staying connected can help you achieve your goals
  • Recommendations and prescriptions for medication and supplements
  • Referrals to experts when appropriate

Step 3: The “How”


Dr. Hurst and your dedicated HealthspanMD Care Coordinator will provide you with the exact, daily steps needed to create healthy habits that skyrocket the results you seek.  


Your ongoing, connected health plan will include:

  • An initial phone or video visit with your care coordinator to review your doctor’s findings and create a personal plan
  • Regular 1:1 check-ins to review progress, answer questions and adjust your plan if needed
  • If needed, a free weight scale, with no tech know-how required: Just insert the batteries, and your data will automatically be sent to our team
  • Unlimited messaging with your care team
  • HealthspanMD app access to quickly track and share daily progress

What You’ll Get

Patients at HealthspanMD Cardiology receive: 

  • Non-rushed appointments that aren’t booked months out.
  • A dedicated Care Coordinator to give you personalized attention and individualized support between visits.
  • Direct access to your care team through text, email or phone.
  • Active and timely follow-up for your lab and testing results.
  • The ability to track and share important health data such as weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, nutrition and activity levels with your medical team to help guide you to your best health.

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Our Partners


Dr. Hurst has spent many years looking for the right personal training partner that views fitness through the same lens he does. Forge provides HealthspanMD clients with a highly customized online personal training coaching experience that is fun and truly personalized. Whether you are experienced in the gym, or have never worked out or are in the middle -- Forge will meet you where you are at. They will create specialized workouts for you based on your strengths, weaknesses, and goals.


  • Meet one-on-one via video chat with a Forge Personal Trainer for 6 half-hour sessions over 90-day period. Coaching sessions are every other week.
  • Have convenient and direct access to your coach through the in-app messenger system, so you are always connected.
  • Reap the benefits of collaboration between your Healthspan Coach, Dr. Hurst, and your personal Forge Fitness Coach- all dedicated to you achieving your health and longevity goals.
  • Enjoy the one-on-one attention and direct access to your coach for support, education, and carefully constructed workouts throughout your Healthspan journey to maximize your results.

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Locally sourced | Intentional and organic ingredients | Delicious and fresh | Prepared by James Beard Winning Chef Robert McGrath & Chef/Maddox Lane Owner, Amber Wilson.

Message from Dr. Hurst:

I am truly excited to recommend the incredible meals from Maddox Lane to our Arizona-based clients who are interested in delicious, Mediterranean-inspired, nutritious, and convenient meal delivery.

As an integrative cardiologist, I know how critically important nutrition is to our health. I also know firsthand the challenges of finding the energy and time, along with having the skill to create healthy and tasty meals at home. With this in mind, I have tried over a dozen meal delivery programs over the years and none have ever come close to the quality and taste of Maddox Lane.

The extensive variety of options is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what the next week’s menu unveils and every meal I’ve had has been nothing short of consistently delicious. If you think amazing tasting food can’t also be good for your health, prepare to be proven wrong!

Many of our clients benefit from removing the stress of meal planning when they are already adjusting to making new lifestyle changes as part of their Healthspan10 goals.

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Take Control of Your Health with Our Proprietary 5x5 Method

Reach 5 Optimal Health Objectives with help from the 5 Tools you need to succeed. Know your numbers and achieve your health goals with a unique treatment plan that’s proven to mitigate and manage your specific heart disease risks — both inside and outside the doctor’s office. 

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