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Arizona’s Most Comprehensive Atrial Fibrillation Care

Go Beyond Medication with Our Reverse AFib Program

Atrial fibrillation reversal is possible. If you’re living with AFib, our team of Phoenix cardiologists can help you develop a comprehensive strategy that can lower your risk, or even reverse, this life-threatening condition. 

Medications and ablation after an AFib diagnosis can only do so much: People who take a comprehensive approach to their treatment — with expert medical care that addresses key lifestyle, weight, and heart disease risk factors — see dramatically better results. An evidence-based Reverse AFib Program like ours can:

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How It Works

Our proven method for preventing and reversing atrial fibrillation can give you the knowledge and tactics you need to feel better and live longer. Here’s what you can expect from our concierge-level care:  

  1. Book an initial consultation with cardiologist Robert Todd Hurst, MD to review your atrial fibrillation history, laboratory data and heart test results
  2. Get a personalized evaluation that details potential causes of AFib and determines the best treatment methods to lower your risk of stroke, dementia, heart failure, or death. 
  3. Enroll in an ongoing, connected care program where you’ll work with our team of experts to optimize your chances of reversing AFib and getting healthier.  
  4. Follow a detailed action plan outlining your best opportunities to reverse AFib, specifically addressing lifestyle factors more powerful than medicines and ablation alone. 

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