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Dr. Hurst Talks Sustainable Health with Mathew Blades and Chris Powell

Struggling on Your Weight Loss Journey?

Hosts of the I Needed That podcast, Mathew Blades and Chris Powell, recently welcomed HealthspanMD Founder Robert Todd Hurst, MD, FACC, to discuss why weight loss isn’t as simple as we think. He spoke on long-term sustainability of weight loss methods and how to start your own weight loss journey.

Dr. Hurst explains that weight loss is much more than the common narrative of “eat less, exercise more” in the fitness and nutrition industries. There are also mental, social and physical health factors to consider. He answered top questions, including: How do you approach weight loss tailored to your own health factors? And how do you navigate weight loss methods such as CICO (Calories in Calories Out) or calorie deficits without encouraging disordered eating habits?

Additionally, Dr. Hurst outlined the key issues to keep in mind when beginning a weight loss journey, as well as physical health factors to watch for that may impact your weight, such as insulin resistance. He also touched on the importance of a comprehensive approach to weight loss, including his own approach known as the Healthspan-10.

Listen to the full episode here.

Chris Powell (Host of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss) and Mathew Blades (Award-Winning Radio Host & Motivational Speaker), created the podcast as two mindful fathers engaging in lively and entertaining conversation aiming to make audiences laugh, learn and lean into a life they deserve.

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