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Get Comprehensive & Connected Care: We Accept Medicare

We created HealthspanMD™ because we knew people were not getting the healthcare they deserved. That’s why we deliver concierge-level care to all our patients. 

Our comprehensive approach addresses your most common frustrations, including:

This kind of care is unacceptable. But you don’t have to settle for this anymore.

  • Long Wait Times: “Appointments are often booked out for weeks, or even months, but I need to see my doctor now.”
  • Rushed Visits: “When I do get in, I don’t have enough time to feel heard or get my questions answered.”
  • Too Many Pills: “Often, my visit ends with a prescription – with no discussion of non-drug alternatives.”
  • Poor Communication: “It can take hours for me to communicate with my medical team. Phones aren’t answered, messages aren’t returned and there is little collaboration with their other doctors.”
  • It’s Only “Sick Care”: “I want more guidance on how to avoid disease and get the best chance at living a long, healthy life.”

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What you’ll get

Your Solution? HealthspanMD™ Cardiology

Join HealthspanMD Cardiology and get:

  • Non-rushed appointments when you need them.
  • A personalized action plan for obtaining your health goals.
  • A dedicated Concierge Care Coordinator to give you personalized attention and individualized support between visits.
  • Direct messaging access to your care team
  • Active and timely follow-up for your lab and testing results.
  • The ability to track and share important health data such as weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, nutrition and activity levels with your care team to help guide you to your best health.
  • A dedicated Healthspan Coach and experts in nutrition, exercise and stress management to help optimize your healthspan.

Get the comprehensive and connected care you deserve. We accept Medicare!

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How We Treat

Utilize The Healthspan-10™ Method to Prevent, Treat & Reverse Disease

Those who have the best chance to reverse their heart disease and avoid future heart attacks, strokes, heart failure and dementia achieve these five key health objectives, leveraging these five key tools. We call this 5x5 approach the Healthspan-10™.

The 5 Optimal Objectives

  1. Great Blood Pressure
  2. Optimal Cholesterol
  3. Insulin Sensitive/Good Blood Sugar
  4. Good Muscle Mass/Fitness
  5. Healthy Fat/Visceral Fat

The 5 Tools

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Restorative Sleep
  • Stress Management
  • Toxin Avoidance

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Let’s Change Healthcare

Our purpose is to change healthcare to be what it can and should be.

We deliver concierge-level care that helps you stay connected with your expert team and allows you to take charge of your health. If you’ve been looking for a healthcare partner that really understands your needs, schedule your appointment with HealthspanMD today.

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Visit Arizona’s Top Cardiologists & Take Charge of Your Heart Health

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