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Join a new era of primary care with healthspanmd

High-quality Primary Care in Arizona that accepts insurance

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A Primary care practice in Arizona that spends time with patients and has health coaching

Primary Care patients get an average of 18 minutes with their doctor once a year! This is unnacceptable. Every HealthspanMD patient gets up to 2 hours during their first visit and an ongoing support from their care team.

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Patients who switch to HealthspanMD Primary Care get...

  1. Expert, cutting-edge medical care
  2. The best customer service in healthcare
  3. Proactive, how to avoid problems, focus
  4. Evidence-based, whole person, more than a prescription approach
  5. All members get dedicated Healthspan coach monthly calls

Lisa Hurst, MD headshot

Lisa M. Hurst, MD

Your HealthspanMD Primary Care Physcian

Specializing in internal medicine, Dr. Lisa Hurst spent more than 20 years at Mayo Clinic before founding HealthspanMD™ Primary Care. She’s on a mission to challenge the current system for improving long-term health with proactive methods that have helped hundreds of Arizonans get, and stay, healthier.

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Meet the rest of your HealthspanMD Care Team

Primary Care in Arizona with Health Coaches, Sleep Experts, Mental Health Professionals and more.

Maggie Thayer headshot

Maggie Thayer, PA

HealthspanMD Primary Care Provider

With nearly 10 years of experience in delivering exceptional patient care, Maggie has honed her expertise in all aspects of primary care, specializing in the management of depression, treating anxiety disorders, and utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy for sleep disorders.

Melissa Lewis-Duarte headshot

Dr. Melissa Lewis-Duarte, Ph.D., NBC-HWC

HealthspanMD Specialty Coach

A Stress Management Specialist with a Ph.D. in Psychology and certification in Integrative Wellness Coaching from the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Lewis- Duarte brings a compassionate approach to overcoming stress and anxiety to the HealthspanMD coaching program.

Kristine James headshot

Kristine James, RDN, LD, NBC-HWC

HealthspanMD Primary Coach

With an extensive background in online coaching and an education in dietetics and nutrition, Kristine provides a sophisticated level of expertise tour team. She is a leader among the coaches and serves as a phenomenal Primary Healthspan Coach to over 100 patients!

Jack Malloy headshot

Jack Malloy, NCSF-CPT

HealthspanMD Specialty Coach

Jack believes in the transformative power of exercise, not only for building functional strength but to inspire mental resilience and enhance overall well-being. With years of experience in crafting personalized workout programs and guiding individuals towards their fitness goals, he strives to help people reach their goals through a routine that is tailored to their needs and makes for an enjoyable, sustainable experience.

Claire Duchesneau headshot

Claire Duchesneau, NCSF-CPT

HealthspanMD Primary Coach

Claire leads the Healthspan coach program at HealthspanMD and has supported hundreds of patients in achieving their goals. Current patients rave about Claire’s enthusiasm and positivity in motivating them to go after their best results.

Paula Garcia headshot

Paula Garcia, CMA

HealthspanMD Remote Care Coordinator

Paula handles all clinical matters remotely. Because of Paula, patients almost never have to wait longer than a day for a prescription renewal, a prior authorization, get a lab order, or report a concern to the provider. Paula makes sure all patients are promptly heard and helped!

You will always have someone to talk to

What it's like to be a member at HealthspanMD

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Consult With Our Experts

Meet with a physician 1:1 to review history, lab data and test results - and asses your risks.

Health Plan Icon

Create an Action Plan

Develop a personalized strategy and system with your care team.

Healthcare Team Icon

Find the "Wahy" With Your Healthcare Team

Evaluate causes of at-risk or existing issues and find the best opportunities to improve your health.

Dedicated Support Icon

Recieve Dedicated Support

Get on-demand medical and lifestyle support from your care to and Healthspan Coach.

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How to get started with a HealthspanMD Membership


Click the button below to input your insurance information and book your appointment online.

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Meet with your New Primary Care Provider to discuss your health goals and opportunities. Schedule labs and your first follow up appointment.


Get connected with your Dedicated Healthspan Coach and continue to get monthly support from your care team.

REal patients, real results

What people are saying about HealthspanMD primary care

Dr. Lisa Hurst and her staff are wonderful. They are kind, caring, patient, responsive and thorough. I recently came here from CA and I feel incredibly grateful to have found this practice. I have received top-notch care from everyone at HealthSpan.

If you are looking for an excellent primary doctor, you won’t find anyone more experienced (Mayo hospitalist), & more understanding than Dr Lisa Hurst. She took a great deal of time with me, covering every problem I deal with & having answers for me. Their clinic, Healthspan is just what I was looking for, with solutions  for our aging problems!!

I saw Dr. Lisa Hurst, Internal Medical MD at HealthSpan .This was my second visit, both were the absolute best consultations I've ever had.  She spent about 1 Hour asking me questions!! She really studied my medical records, took notes, gave great advice on areas of my health, really listened to my past journey and what my goals were.

My wife and I spent 2 and a half hours with Dr. Lisa Hurst. She is one of the best internest doctors we have ever met. She will address not only what ails you, but help you achieve a better quality of life through coaching, diet and life style changes. Plus all this is delivered at no cost if you have Medicare. Get in while you can as there are limited openings in her new practice.

Dr. Lisa cares. She discussed pertinent issues and then helps you make informed decisions. A true partner in your journey to living a long and healthy life. So glad I have met both Dr. Hursts!!

This was my first visit with Dr. Lisa Hurst.  She spend an hour and a half going over my medical history, medications, and health issues.  Dr. Lisa was not only knowledgeable, she was genuinely concerned about my issues.  If you need a Primary Care physician, this is the place.

We are on a mission to change healthcare by providing high quality care that accepts insurance. If you or a loved is ready for real results, schedule today.

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