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medical weight loss support in phoenix, az

Comprehensive & Connected Approach to Weight Loss with a Doctor at Your Side

We don’t promote fad diets, unsustainable workouts or other gimmicks that lead to temporary weight loss and negatively impact your health long-term.

Our medically supervised approach is different – and it’s covered by most health insurance plans and Medicare.

At HealthspanMD, our board-certified physicians and dedicated care teams understand what you and your body really need to achieve sustainable weight loss and improve your overall health - and we do this by understanding and treating the underlying conditions that lead to weight gain in the first place.

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We Can Help Change Your Life

We’ve helped hundreds of patients lose weight while improving longevity, healthspan and quality of life.

Medical weight loss medications like Ozempic® are exciting and quickly gaining in popularity – but they can’t be used alone to sustainably lose weight. The pounds will pile right back once you stop taking the medication if you don’t take a comprehensive and connected approach. HealthspanMD founder Dr. Hurst explains.

Book a Consultation to Start Your Medical Weight Loss Journey

We will answer your questions about our approach and schedule your first visit.

Is Medical Weight Loss Right for You?

Our sustainable weight loss program is for people who:

  • Want to lose weight and make sure they are improving their overall health as well
  • Are tired of temporary weight loss strategies, and want the weight loss to last this time
  • Feel frustrated with trendy diets and supplements that lead to weight loss swings and disappointing results
  • Want to work with a credible team of experts who are experienced at helping people achieve lasting weight loss AND better health
  • Seek a sustainable plan that’s covered by health insurance or Medicare

Meet Lisa M. Hurst, MD

Specializing in internal medicine, Founder Lisa M. Hurst, MD is skilled at diagnosing and treating a large array of ailments and disorders in Arizona adults. She spent 22 years as a Consultant at Mayo Clinic prior to launching HealthspanMD™ Weight Loss.

Dr. Lisa is on a mission to change the traditional approach to weight loss that often leads to temporary results. Instead, she’s focused on providing evidence-based programs to give people more proactive ways to get healthier — with the amazing “side effect” of lasting weight loss.

She has an unwavering dedication to delivering comprehensive, connected care that gives her patients the best chance to minimize medications and live a long, healthy life."


The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make on Ozempic®

Weight loss medications like Ozempic® help people lose weight – but often temporarily. In this guide, Dr. Hurst explains how weight loss medications are used, the biggest mistakes people make while taking the medication, and his approach for using medications as part of sustainable weight loss.