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Despite healthy diet and regular exercise, those with a family history of chronic disease can still be susceptible to conditions such as heart disease, pre-diabetes or high blood pressure. After award-winning former DJ Mathew Blades witnessed his father die of a heart attack as a young adult, he began to think about how his own heart health journey.

Knowing that heart disease runs in his family, the Valley resident recently shared his story on why he chose to seek medical care for his heart with Ahwatukee Foothills News and Scottsdale Progress. In the article, he opens up on his “why,” noting that the biggest deciding factor was wanting to spare his children the experience he went through with his father’s passing by ensuring the cycle does not repeat with himself.

Blades turned to Dr. Robert Todd Hurst, cardiologist and founder of HealthspanMD, a Phoenix-based cardiology clinic that brings together comprehensive, actionable health guidance with science-based medical treatment to help reverse chronic diseases in at-risk patients. Through advanced testing, Dr. Hurst discovered that Blades had a rare genetic issue called Lp(a), which can lead to heart attacks, strokes or sudden death. By working with the HealthspanMD team, Blades was able to manage his condition and even eliminate several factors entirely.

Read the full article in Scottsdale Progress or Ahwatukee Foothills News and learn more about how the HeathspanMD method works.

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